Monday, March 19, 2012

"Half the fun of travel is the esthetic of lostness." - Ray Bradbury

To know a city, walk it.  A map is helpful, but not necessary, as long as you are willing to get lost or ask directions.

After the morning in The Prado, I decided to clear the Spanish Masters out of my head by walking to Old Madrid.  I had a cup of tea in the museum cafe, then headed west.  First stop, the Puerta del Sol. where I chose to photograph the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, rather than Carlos III.

Puerta del Sol, The Sun Gate, is the center of Spain, the 0 kilometer starting point to cities in all directions.  The bronze bear and tree are symbols of Madrid, not as showy as Carlos III on his horse, but much friendlier and an endearing representative of Madrilenos, the citizens of Madrid.

Madrid is the highest capital city of any country in Europe. Walking up and down its hills, one is reminded of this.