Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." -- Seneca

Before Columbus "discovered" the Americas, maps of the world bore the Latin inscription, "Ne plus ultra," meaning there was nothing more beyond the boundaries of the map.  Everything changed, of course, when ships failed to drop off the edge of the world. into an abyss of sea monsters.  As this Mosaic tile in the Alhambra reminds us:  There is always more beyond. . .Something  to remember in this age when we think we have thought and done it all.

Sunlight has filled the Court of Lions for centuries. They stand guard and the Alhambra is at peace.

On the road from Granada to Torremolinos, we found Centurylink a la Espana.

Today, we stood on the edge of a rock and gazed at two continents and three countries.  Although Spain has tried to retrieve it over 200 times (according to our guide), Gibraltar remains resolutely British. Right down to the fish 'n chips.

Caves and monkeys.  Don't feed the monkeys, but it's okay if they feed you.

St. Michael's Cave  -- Gibraltar

Tonight is our last night on the Costa del Sol.  Outside our window, the sound of waves crashing lulls us to sleep.