Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday Recap

The following is a guest post from Carole Mehle.  Ms. Mehle is an English and Humanities instructor at ECC and chairs the Diversity and Global Connections Committee at the college.

As I write this, it is Friday night. We have returned to England after a brief stop in Wales and a whirlwind tour of Scotland. We have seen castles, palaces, many sheep, and miles of the breathtaking rolling hills of England.

Many of our group toured the Royal Brittania, the ship that served as Queen Elizabeth II's family home for many years. We got an inside glimpse into the personality of the Queen since she designed the spaces in the ship.

Our first stop today was Floors Castle in Kelso, Scotland. The Duke of Roxburgh opens his home for visitors, and the family pictures are prominently displayed alongside Matisse paintings, priceless tapestries, and Rococo furnishings.

From there, we headed back into England and stopped in York. Many of us chose to attend an Evensong service at the gorgeous York Minster. We were touched immensely when the vicar asked for prayers for the people of Boston and West, Texas. The church was incredibly beautiful and we wished we had more time to spend there.

We have seen so many breathtaking sights on this trip It has been an unforgettable experience, but it will be good to be home!

~ Carole Mehle