Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Post from Carole Mehle

The following is a guest post from Carole Mehle.  Ms. Mehle is an English and Humanities instructor at ECC and chairs the Diversity and Global Connections Committee at the college.

We are having a great time here in England! For me, today was special. We started our day simply riding through the Cotswolds and stopping at the quaint town of Stow. We left and our next stop proved awe-inspiring.

We visited the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-On-Avon.  We walked on the same floors where a genius grew up, were surrounded by the same walls that sheltered him, and stood in the room where he was born, where his mother shared stories with him. As we left the house, actresses outside were sharing sonnets. We listened to three sonnets, all like old friends to me.

I knew my experience of communing with the amazing Shakespeare would be hard to top. Then we left England for the afternoon and headed to Wales. We visited the town of Llangollen and took a ride down the canal in a very narrow boat. What a fun time!

We truly have been sampling Britain, with our third country in two days coming up tomorrow. Next stop: Scotland!

~Carole Mehle