Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Britain - Final Thoughts

The thirty-nine travelers had a wonderful experience in Great Britain!  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship, fun, and food while visiting England, Scotland, and Wales. We learned about cultures unlike our own and garnered an appreciation for traditions of old. Many traditions we found intriguing and others we wished were our own. Landscapes and architectures and historical tales created impressions/images of long ago and created a thirst for more.  This trip just covered the surface of what we can learn from our new friends. Our journey has just begun.

Until we meet again....

Day Nine - Heading Home

Travelers sit at the Heathrow Airport in London waiting to depart for Raleigh/Durham.

Day Eight

The group traveled to the university city of Cambridge.
Several of us had lunch at The Eagle, one of the oldest inns in the city.
The pub has been in existence since the 15th century.
The Royal Air Force Bar, within The Eagle, had signatures
and squadron numbers of men and women from all over the world
who visited the pub during World War II.
Shown in the photo are Carole Mehle and Dawn Wilson.