Thursday, June 5, 2014

More from St. Petersburg, Russia

The high rise apartments are located in the city and countryside for the heavily populated St. Petersburg. The rainy day is normal in Russia.  Only 50-55 days a year are sunny.  The other 310-315 days are either overcast, snowy, or rainy.

Grassy areas could be found throughout the city; however, the grass was about a foot tall - not as well maintained as lawns in the States. The weather most likely affects the ability to maintain the grounds. No lawn maintenance was visible.

The State Hermitage is one of the greatest repositories of the world's art. This Russian museum, shown in the photo, houses about 3,000,000 monuments of culture and art. The Hermitage or "Winter Palace" was an imperial residence, built for Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, in 1754 but was later converted into a museum.

The outer building is on the grounds of The Great(Catherine's) Palace. The palace and grounds were constructed for Catherine I under her husband, Peter I, and serving as a place for rest and entertainment of the tsar. The palace, with a 300 meter-long facade, is one of the main sights in Tsarskoye Selo.  The Great Hall, the Amber Room, the Picture hall and other rooms are noted for the baroque style of architecture and the gold leaf appliqué applied to the wood.

Palace visitors had to check their coats and large purses before entering the palace.  "Over the shoe slippers" had to be worn as well to protect the floors.  Photography was limited.

Picturesque waterways added to the beauty of St. Petersburg.