Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 5


Travelers spend Day 5 in Zermatt, enjoying the vineyards and the apricot groves of the lower Rhone Valley. The Swiss vineyards produce much of the country's needs. Grapes are grown in Ticino, the valleys of the Rhone, and the south (facing slopes above Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchatel, Lake Biel, and Lake Zurich.

Swiss wines are rarely exported because they are in such demand in Switzerland. The demand is greater than the supply. Until the 1950s, Swiss wine was of poor quality.  But a statue was passed, which imposed strict quality controls over wine growers, and from that point forward, the wines have improved greatly.

It's snowing! The clouds are so dense that you can't see the Matterhorn. Snow prediction is about 3 inches. School age children, bundled up in snow apparel, can be seen walking through the village on their way to school.

Leaving heavy snow (8 inches by 1pm), the Travelers arrived at Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva by late afternoon. Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Europe, and it separates France and Switzerland. Standing from the hotel balcony, one can see the shores of France. 

Shown below are the town of Montreux and the beautiful architecture of its buildings, and some of the travelers at dinner in the Safron Restaurant.