Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 5

A lovely dinner with sweet desserts at the Vargas restaurant in Montreal.

Visiting the exquisite Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 3

We spent the morning at the Morse Family Maple Farms in Montpelier, Vermont. The family has been producing maple products for eight generations. The maple is gathered from trees by spout. Each tree has two taps of maple syrup in a season. The farm has 6,000 taps. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. They make between 1,600 to 2,000 gallons of syrup a year. The family also has cattle, a ski resort, and two goats—Rex and James.

Good food, good friends, and good company give you a good feel down here at the Red Mill! Travelers enjoy a meal of lobster rolls, lamb, beef, cheddar soup and apple crisp at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont. Set in a restart similar that which you'd find in the film, Dirty Dancing, there's vast green ways, pool houses, lake views and cottages.

Group dinner of lobster at the Red Mills located at the Basin Harbor Club in Vermont.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 2

The Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston.
Where everyone knows your name. The pub behind the famous television show.

Travelers Connie Dupree and Margaret Aldridge tour the Cheers museum in downtown Boston. 

Apartment style living in Boston is luxurious.

A state house building along the Rose Kennedy Parkway.
The parkway was named for the mother of President Kennedy. 

Old mill houses have been turned into apartments in parts of Boston.

The Boston Public Garden contains several ponds and flower gardens.

One of the most popular attractions in Boston is the Swan Lake paddle boat rides. For $3.50, you can take a scenic trip around the lake with ducks and swans swimming about around you.

Touring North Conway, New Hampshire brings us to a small town filled with sweet shops and ice cream parlors.

The Lamms and Thornes enjoy an afternoon snack of ice cream.

The bears are out in North Conway! A group photo at the North Conway Grand Hotel.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 1

Travelers are at the RDU preparing to depart at 11:30 for Boston. 

Group of travelers enjoying lunch at a pub in Boston, MA.
From left, Carnell and Debbie Lamm, June and Lance Cherry, and Jessie and Tom Thorne.

Connie Dupree, Retha Deaton, Laura Ashley Lamm, and Margaret Aldridge visiting the Boston Public Gardens established in 1837.
Boston Public Gardens
Retha Deaton enjoys a beverage in Cheers, the landmark pub that inspired the hit television series.
The ECC travelers left the Tarboro campus at 8 a.m. headed to RDU on May 23; the flight took off at 11:30 a.m. for Boston. Arriving at 1:30, the group made their way to the hotel to check in. Famished, several ventured out enjoy lunch at a local pub.