Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 2

The Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston.
Where everyone knows your name. The pub behind the famous television show.

Travelers Connie Dupree and Margaret Aldridge tour the Cheers museum in downtown Boston. 

Apartment style living in Boston is luxurious.

A state house building along the Rose Kennedy Parkway.
The parkway was named for the mother of President Kennedy. 

Old mill houses have been turned into apartments in parts of Boston.

The Boston Public Garden contains several ponds and flower gardens.

One of the most popular attractions in Boston is the Swan Lake paddle boat rides. For $3.50, you can take a scenic trip around the lake with ducks and swans swimming about around you.

Touring North Conway, New Hampshire brings us to a small town filled with sweet shops and ice cream parlors.

The Lamms and Thornes enjoy an afternoon snack of ice cream.

The bears are out in North Conway! A group photo at the North Conway Grand Hotel.